Patrick is an undergraduate student at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada, about to start his second year of physics. Originally born in Nova Scotia and raised in Alberta, he is glad to return to his home province to study a subject that he has a great passion for. Starting at a very young age, Patrick has had a passion for science, and that developed into a love for physics throughout the years. He also has many other passions, such as making music on the trumpet or bagpipes, or sitting down to read a good book. After completing his first year of undergraduate studies, he was given the opportunity to do a research project in neurobiology, giving him the opportunity to see what research would be like, and encouraging him to continue in his current studies. Although Patrick has a great interest in particle physics, Dr. Horton reignited his passion for rockets, space, and astrophysics during her visit to St. FX. Eventually, he hopes to complete his Ph.D, and travel to interact with many more people around the world who share the same passions.