Mizzani Walker- Holmes is a proud junior at Kennesaw State University, and an aspiring entrepreneur and scientific scholar. As a computer science undergraduate, active community leader, global humanitarian and honor student, Mizzani is dedicated to combining her scholastic knowledge, professional experience, and unwavering passion into creating an inspiring force to help transform the world, encourage innovation and revolutionize the future of computing. Mizzani has had the pleasure of working with innovative companies such as, Lockheed Martin, Cox Enterprises and NASA serving as an adjunct professor, lead student IT specialist, and software development intern. In the future she hopes to utilize all her skills in multiple facilities, working in the healthcare IT field, CGI programming in the film industry and ultimately starting a tech company of her own. Mizzani looks forward to a wonderful learning experience being able to continue the legacy of excellence and educational achievement atoned by the College of Computing & Software Engineering.