Jasmine Jones is an undergraduate senior at Louisiana State University pursuing a degree in Physics, along with a Secondary Education Teacher Certification. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA, Jasmine perceived even at a young age the disparities that existed between different socio-economic communities. Her first love, education, was instilled by her parents, David and Stephanie Jones. Since middle school, she has worked alongside her parents at St. Paul Adult Learning Center. The adult learning center, located in the heart of inner-city Baton Rouge, helps troubled teens, high school dropouts, and even the elderly to earn a high school equivalency diploma. Experiences like these have forged Jasmine's core belief that education is the key that can eradicate the inequities that have perpetuated far too long. Her love of physics was discovered in her senior year of high school at Bethany Christian, when her teacher, Mr. Moland incited her appetite to understand the physical phenomena of the universe. In the future, Jasmine desires to do the same: inspire an insatiable desire in her students for the learning and knowledge of physics, and more broadly the STEM fields. Furthermore, Jasmine is passionate about conducting physics education research in order to implement various STEM programs and curricula into underserved communities and schools, and is currently applying to pursue a graduate degree in science education. Jasmine will be a NSF QEM intern this summer.