Breonna DeShazer is a Senior Civil Engineering student at Jackson State University in Jackson, MS originally from Oklahoma City, OK. Her desire for engineering came about in high school when her dad convinced her to take a pre-engineering class. This class consisted of designing the plans for a residential home and turning the design into a 3D model on AutoCAD. From that point on Breonna knew that she wanted to become an engineer, making the changes to create a sustainable world as our society continues to develop and improve.  Throughout her college career, she has been the President of the Society of Women Engineers (2015-2017) and one of the starters of an organization within the W.E.B Dubois Honors College known as Advocates for World Health (2013-2014). She has also been an active member of the National Society of Black Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers. When she is not studying or helping with collegiate student organizations Breonna tutors fifth and sixth grade students at Midtown Pubic Charter School located in the mid community area of Jackson, MS. Over the summer of 2016, Breonna interned with the Naval Research Laboratory at NASA, Stennis Space Center where she met Dr. Renee Horton. Although she was a little indecisive about attending graduate school, Dr. Renee Horton inspired her to find the intersection between her talents and passions. Once Breonna has graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering she plans on gaining her license in Civil Engineering, while attending graduate school for her Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering.